Bitcoin halving through mining

There is a whole world to know about Bitcoin, a large number of people have been engaged in Bitcoin mining for some time, but for many, there are still thousands of questions regarding the subject and bitcoin halving.

You must clarify some doubts regarding what people refer to when they talk about the point; it can be defined as a process in which the individual receives bonuses by the network for their services.
Those who carry out this mechanism are those who receive the name of miners; these people carry out a series of transactions through specialized hardware with which they obtain as benefits the collection of BTC in exchange for the service above.
Every year all the created bitcoins have a cap, 21 million bitcoins, that is, they are halved, bitcoin halving, automatically to meet the process standard and thus meet the established rhythm.
Once the goal is reached, thus being the basis of the process above, specialists says that it is very likely that the so-called miners will be able to live on the profits of the investment made, having fulfilled the bitcoin halving 2020.
The high point is that Bitcoin halving 2020 has high expectations, not only for those who have spent years dedicating themselves to Bitcoin mining, but because the financial world is so changing that despite all situations, this digital currency is viewed with great expectations, for this and the coming years.
But to continue explaining about mining, this process is designed so that new bitcoins are created at a set rate. It is said, without a doubt, it is a totally and competitive world, because the more people dedicate themselves to mining and efficiently fulfill their objectives, the difficulty increases.
When speaking of difficulty, it refers to the difficulty of obtaining benefits where they will also need to have to reduce operating costs since nobody has or will have (as established by the Bitcoin protocol) the option of increasing their benefits.